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September 16, 2008


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Hi Eddie,

If anything the show gave you the opportunity to make some great friends in the other designers :) You arrived already accomplished and in my opinion "way tooo clever" for the for the shows limited time frame in getting a room done. I'm a New Yorker and now live on Nantucket, but it is definitely a vibe that you carry with you where ever you go. I loved your couch with the dinning room table and have seen that done over the years in different ways. It was odd that the judges hadn't seen that done...I have, and I'm not as immersed in the design world as they are...that was just strange.
Can I just say that with the accomplishments you've made working with Martha Stewart over the years...by every means you should mention it!!! What is the problem with being proud of what you've worked hard for and tooting your own horn? People misinterpret pride for ego...it's just crazy. Just keep being you, funny as heck, talented, smart and just the kind of guy anyone would want as a friend. I lived in LA for 5 years working for the studio's out there and I see what you mean...it's a different feel as far as design and people too. I'm thrilled to have your website to refer to for design ideas...stay fabulous Eddie... you're great! Luv from Nantucket :)

Just found your blog thru Brilliant Asylum. Love it all:) And great job so far on Top Design!!!!!!! Your my pick:)

Wow...two times the fun! Good luck with Martha! Wednesdays just can't come soon enough now!

Cool! I'll be watching! ;)

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