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August 07, 2008


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I am in the process of refinishing the same desk. Do you know where I can the fretwork panels for the upper doors?


You are amazing, and very creative? I am hoping to pick your creative mind....Did you use a latex or oil based paint? I am refinishing a hutch and want to know which direction to go in. What did you use to get the nice shine? A satin poly or enamel? Lastly, what is the wall color.

I wouldn't have bothered you but I couldn't find any responses to these posts?

I also have a secratary similar to this one and I am wondering as well the best way to remove the glass and fretwork as well as a good hardware source similar to what you used. Please, do tell! Thank you.

I love this piece and I am doing something almost the same with a very similar piece. I was just wondering how you got the glass off because I don't want to get paint all over mine.



do you spray it or brush the paint on??

I was just about to get rid of 2 pieces, but I think I will paint them instead!

Me too.I also like that.

Great Job....I love it!
I'm just curious if you put some sort of protectant on it? Whenever I paint something it just doesn't hold up to wear/tear....help!

There are several companies that produce furniture in this highest level of quality. Of all the companies there are, though, Lane stands out above the rest. Lane furniture has been proving for nearly a century that it is topmost in comfort, as well as durability.


You are fantastic!
I have a similar piece and am wondering how you dismantled the glass and grate from the piece?
Thanks for any helpful info.

Modern furniture comes with different kinds, types, styles, designs, colors and sizes. So, you have to be able to pick the ones that will suit your home best. Let’s say, if you wish to get a modern sofa for your living room, you have to check out the size where you will place the sofa.


Hi Eddie,

A question for you when redoing a piece of antique furniture do you also repaint the inside? I'm redoing a 1940's utility wardrobe and don't know to repaint the inside or not? See link here http://occraftygurl.blogspot.com/2010/02/help.html
Thinking I'll just repaint the doors - no?

Re: [EDDIE ROSS] Tracie submitted a comment to Before After - A Stylish Secretary Makeover

It is the primer. Thanks so much for reading! Xo

Eddie...WOW! I'm a HUGE fan of T2T decorating and I dound your blog within the last week and I am floored! Thanks so much!

A question about the Zinsser...I asked about it at Lowe's and was told that there are about six products from paint to sealer...I was thinking it was a primer? Is that correct?

Dear Eddie, great combination with the colour on the wall. Could you tel me what paint you've used?

Loed van Heek- The Netherlands

This has inspired me to try and refinish my husband's grandmother's secretary. Can you tell me what finish you used? Also, did you find that a paint brush left visible marks. I really love the look but am slightly intimidated! Your final product is stunning!

this is beyond fabulous

I'm slightly ecstatic right now. I found a VERY similar secretary on craigslist!! Curious as to what finish of paint you put on this piece. I went to the Farro & Ball website and can't figure it out to save my life. Also did you use any type of top coat? You are seriously my favorite person right now. Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

I love this idea and the outcome is beautiful!!!

Hi there,
Where did you find the chic hardware?

Another fabulous makeover Eddie! And I had no idea having mirrors cut was so affordable---I've had a mirror project in mind for a while but have been putting it off for fear that it would be too pricey. But you've encouraged me to get more information! And inspiration as always :)

Verrrry special indeed! Did you use spray, or a brush? Any protective topcoat? Thanks!~

I am simply in LOVE with this, and your philosophy of being fearless with refinishing furniture. I have the uglist table and chairs passed down from my mother-in-law, and while it will give her a slight stroke to see me refinish them, I think I may just dare to do it. However, the chairs have wheels on them, and the backs are a wicker basket weave. Any idea what I should do with them?

WOW. Stunning!

So gorgeous and so functional and what a great idea to change the glass to a mirror.

Wow. I LOVE what you did to that. That's exactly the sort of desk I've been looking for for ages! Amazing transformation. I am so jealous of your talent!

Stunning transformation! I am inspired!

you are so inventive! What a gorgeous transformation that makes it look just like new!

I wish I had the skills to DIY and refinish like you...maybe one day I'll egt the guts up to try

I am ecstatic! I found a lovely china hutch at Salvation Army which I envisioned painted in white so that it would suggest a "built-in" look and also not clash with the other wood in my dining room. You have vindicated my idea and also showed me the proper way to execute it. Thank you so much.

Very nice. I am so impressed at all you do with your nice finds. I saw you on Martha's show a few weeks back and was hooked on your fun ideas with earrings and postcards. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us all your great and doable ideas. Your the best!!!

I'm in the process of making major changes in my house including the furniture, I suspect you're going to take me along the way by the hand. I'm glad I came across your blog. Thank you.

I absolutely LOVE this!! Can you please tell me where you were able to buy the mirror and cut it?? Im in NYC too and need to do something similar but not sure where to go!! THANKS!

You are schooling us all as we sit and look around our living rooms at all the old funky stained thrifted furniture!

Lead the way!

That's really beautiful! So fresh and so clean clean!

I love to paint furniture, but I am uncertain how to protect the painted surfaces on high-traffic pieces. Did you use any sort of top coat on this piece? I know you can't varnish/shellac on top of white paint because it turns yellow. Also, do you find wall paint to work better than spray paint? Thanks for considering my questions.

Fabulous! I have been painting furniture myself lately, and you are so right! It works wonders. And congratualtions on your Washington Post shout out! You certainly deserve the raves.

This is fabulous! What a visionary you are!

OMG you are a genius!!!! I Love it and adore it!!!!! you really an inspiration!!!!!

I love this transformation! Do you have a good source for knobs and hardware?

Love this! Very beautiful!! :-)

WOW! you have totally inspired me to paint this silly "antique" china cabinet i got in a random flea market...so many people told me to leave it but its nothing special and i know it will be fab painted!!

I love this! What a difference paint can make. Thank you for sharing it with us.

You are such an inspiration, Eddie! What fabulous transformation!

I am so glad to have come across your blog today. It's always so wonderful when you find a new one with such amazing content. I keep telling myself: "It's too good! It's just too good!".

Hi Eddie, I just stumbled onto your site and had to comment on:
1) Your creativity
2) Your lovely touch on even the simplest of projects.
3) Your personality!

I'm going to have to subscribe to your blog, as you are a delight to read.

The secretary is fabulous. I own the exact same one and use it as a cordial bar tucked in a corner of my formal living room. Since I am rather tired of the old dark stain you have given me new energy and interest in getting the Zinsser out going at it. Dont know where to get that finish paint in Boston. But I will find it! Let you know how I do. Thank you...Thank you!!

sobbing...i love it.

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