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September 17, 2008


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I'm becoming a regular visitor to your very lovely blog, and you never stop to amaze me. There's always new things around to get me inspired. :)

Everytime I visit your blog I find something new by just clicking on different things. Tonight I found this one from Martha's show on blogging. Although I had heard the word blog, I had never actually experienced a blog until I found yours. Now I am addicted! I love your idea to copy vintage post cards and enlarge them to make wrapping paper. Eddie you are a genius! I have some framed vintage Christmas post cards which I use in my holiday decorating. And omg vintage earrings! I'm thinking pins seem to be big this fall and how great would vintage ones be.

Amazing floral arrangements. I'm gonna do the pumpkin arrangement for Halloween. Wish me luck and thanks for the inspiration.

Loved finding this blog site and all of your tips. You should do a book! (Do you have any?)
I loved the postcard with the open oyster. Is that someone's artwork? Now I will have to get with it and watch Top Design.
You are fabulous!

What an inspiring day! Thanks for blogging about it :)

what fab ideas..

you're oh so much fun and totally going on my blog roll right now

oh my gosh eddie, you are such a talented and inspiring designer that its not even funny! i love how you turned the earings into magnets, so simple but no one has ever thought of it, cleever! and what about those postcards?! agh, fun! i honestly would definitely use it to use and when people ask what inspired me, i would say "eddie ross!" :) good luck and hope to see more of youu

Where do you go to get the postcards blown up big enough to use as wrapping paper? Is it expensive?

OMG,you are unreal,I am addicted.To you.Snort.

It's been great watching you and your design style on TD. But what fun to see you on the MS show...love the idea about the postcards being blown up and used for wrapping paper. Was thinking wallpaper samples could be used for the same idea...so enamored with wallpapers right now.

Take a peek at the new faux wallpaper we just had done in our basement 'lounge'

I too love floral arranging, glad you posted some of those pictures.

Will be fun watching you on TD...so hoping you make it til the bitter end.

What a great segment you did on Martha. Lots of fabulous ideas...thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness, Eddie, you have such great ideas! I love that you turned those fabulous vintage earrings into magnets! I will have to try that soon. I also like the idea of turning old postcards into wrapping paper. I did something similar, but in reverse. I took some wrapping paper of antique maps, framed them, and hung them in my formal living room.


You are my favorite designer on this season of Top Design! I'm rooting for you! :)

hello, very interesting seeing the show before ..... .great photos.. as to vintage postcards I collect them as well... the design, color are wonderful... the vases, and wrapping paper ideas are something I will try... at the late great Lakewood I found a vintage postal card album to store my collection in.. happy hunting at Scott's... I look forward to reading your blog in the future......

The idea of using enlarged vintage post cards to wrap gifts is great. It’s much cheaper than buying a roll of wrapping paper and also is much more personal. I love the idea of the earrings as magnets. Do you think they would work as drawer pulls?

Hi Eddie,

I love your blog! You inspire me to make my home great for my family. (You're like a chic male version of Martha; hopefully you take that as a complement.) I just want to say good luck in whatever happens Top Design. I don't have a t.v. so I can't cheer you on, but I will read your blog every day whether you win or not!

Eddie - I have to admit I just started watching Top Design yesterday but I'm thinking you're my favorite. I adore your vintage earring magnets so right up my alley.

I was so happy to see you at the studio yesterday, and to see your great successes. Knew from the moment we met years ago that it was in the stars.

Hi Eddie
I am a good friend of Kerry and appreciated the kind blog you wrote about him this morning. I was so sad to see him eliminated last night. I am also a designer and I've worked with him a lot in the past....He truly is very talented and a wonderful person.
Also, just wanted to tell you I love the idea of making magnets out of vintage earrings! I too love going to flea markets and antique stores.....I love making the old look modern....So much more unique than simply buying the new.
Even though Kerry and I are friends, he has not let on about the winner so I have no idea, but I think you have a good chance!

You are right the way you use it , looks very modern .
I'm happy to have found your blog, you have so many ideas

Hi Eddie!

I've been following you on Top Design and then was SO happy you were on Martha today!!

Keep up the great work, you're very inspiring. I kept telling my friends that I wanted to marry you and alas, Jaithan is in the mix.

I love you guys!!!

Tony from Los Angeles

Wow, I missed this show. Hopefully I can watch on-line. I love your idea of blowing up old post cards. I have some for different holidays, I also have vintage Christmas cards. Ohhh the possibilities! I'm glad I stopped by!

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