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September 17, 2008


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Happy New Year Eddie!
In my morning haze, fresh from celebrating at the casino (imagine), I rolled over, grabbed the remote and was lucky enough to catch a rerun of Martha’s blogger edition. I couldn’t wait to get home to my laptop and check out your blog. I was enraptured. You are just a delight, smart and accessible, warm and chic...
I wish you and your partner all "good things" in 2009, as well as much deserved success. I look forward to all of your inspiration as I re-invent my family's nest this year.

Hi Eddie,
My friend told me all about you and I already love what I see!

I was wondering if you could help me with holiday decorating. My family is jewish, but all I want is to have my house decorated for the holidays with wreaths and garland and ornaments, etc...is it possible to do without feeling to much like Christmas?

Eddie - I love watching you on Top Design and I think you are well on your way to your own show/book/brand! Your style feels so much more accessible to me than Preston's (not another hotel room!) and Nathan's (fabulous but too eclectic for me).

I'm wondering where on the web site I can pose a question to you, so I'll try here. How does a newbie go about working with a designer. Can a designer provide a consult on a space or decorating a space for a fee? Can you hire a designer, give them a budget, and let them complete the space for you (paint/flooring/furniture/decorating)? I find myself getting overwhelmed by liking many kinds of styles so its hard pairing down LOTS of ideas that appeal to me. Can a designer help me work through this? Any suggestions on identifying your own style, and working with a designer would be great.

Thanks and good luck on Top Design!

Your bow ties remind me of a story by David Sedaris, which in turn makes me smile. Love your style!

so proud! You are the greatest thing to happen to design in years! congrats!

I discovered your blog today....
I'm already a big fan!

Way to go Eddie! Loved your segment (and the outfit). Thanks for the behind the scenes. Continue to do well on Top Design...you're our fav too!

congrats on top design and on martha! you did great last week :)

Hi Eddie,

I'm excited to find your blog from Martha's show today. You're my favorite on Top Design:-) You'd better win! I hope you get your own show or host one soon. You crack me up and you're one heck of a designer.


You beat Perez straight out of the water. ;) I loved the outfit!

Congrats! Such a cutie!


i really enjoyed seeing your little collection on The Martha Stewart Show this morning, i'm drawn to the same items at the flea markets. and i'm glad i found your blog.

meleen dupré

Hey Eddie-
You did a great job on Martha! I love her show, I have a new son so usually I don't have time to watch it. But I'm super happy i caught it today! I love you design ideas i will no be watching top design-GOOD LUCK! Also In the 25th picture in your portfolio with the yell flower and tea cookies you have the most fabulous tea set! Could you tell me where you found that? You have an amazing portfolio-Hvae a great day and hopefully everyone who watched marth felt the same way i did!GOOD LUCK in all your endeavors!

Eddie -- you did GREAT! I thought I recognized you from Top Design (which I hope you win!)! Anyway, you were a complete bonus for me, and I'm thrilled to have seen you! Nice job!!

Wow - sounds so fun! I hear Perez Hilton is there too!

Have fun Eddie!

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