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September 22, 2008


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Dude, either you have the best thrifting kharma EVER. Or you attend the best sales. Or both. Will keep checking back.

I'm so glad Martha featured you and your blog on the show. I had no idea it existed and this is the kind of stuff I totally love! Fun.

It all sounds so lovely! Love the dish.

Eddie, you really just have the prettiest things! With all this talk of parties, do you have an original spin on the host/hostess gift?

Eddie, I love the dish. Can I please come to your house for Thanksgiving? I love brussel sprouts but I'm the only one so I don't fix them. I usually prepare them later with leftovers which is still nice.

Well, I just searched on ebay hoping I could come up with one too. No such luck! Good find!

And your brussel sprouts and chestnuts sound spectacular. When's the party? : )

Eddie, you're my favorite on "Top Design" and then I saw a reference to your blog and now I'm hooked. I love your creativity on re-using found items in different ways. I recently moved to the Denver area and visited the antiques district and wasn't too impressed but now I think I have to go back with my "Eddie goggles" on and re-think a couple of items.

Eddie I adore you, your style is just what I love. Finding your blog has made my day.Thank you for blogging.

Eddie, darling, what a treat, stop in for a quick peak at the dish and find you've provided inspiration for an entire bedroom overhall and holiday entertaining. If I didn't have a long list of favorites and friends, you'd be my one-spot-blog-stop.

Good gravy...that is gorgeous! I really need to do mountains of laundry today...but a treasure hunt is at the forefront of my mind...thanks to you. :)

Lardons? Oh...you must mean bacon!

I love this dish, what a find: I haven't seen one like it before! Brussell sprouts are one of my new favorite things I've found after thinking I didn't like them since childhood!

Ross, I love your blog and hope you will not mind I borrowed one of your photos for my blog entry.
Thank You

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