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September 24, 2008


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I was wondering if you have a suggestion for getting old wax off of wood candlesticks. I have a lovely pair from my mother that could use some help.

And what time is dinner? And do you want me to bring anything?

Your descriptions are marvelous, absolutely exquisite. I would love for you to hop over to my blog (when and if you have time) and take a look at my outdoor event "An Affair to Remember". You can click on the picture of the tent to the right of the screen - it will lead you directly to the post. I have started a collection of wooden candlesticks, and they are currently hosting white candles of different sizes atop old library books in our sunroom. It's a nice collection, and I agree - the age and integrity of used flea market finds outstandingly beats anything I've been able to find new. And the bargain - well that's the biggest joy, right?

That definitely sounds like a place I would like to go for dinner.

Your description of Thanksgiving sounds like the holiday event of my dreams.

Eddie -- love your vivid Thanksgiving imagery.

Yes! These are just lovely . . . the darkness is a real statement!

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,

Your blog is so beautiful and fun! I found you, somehow, I'm not sure how--a link to an article about painting antiques. Anyway, I've been thinking of making a number of cake stands using this type of turned wood candlestick--I know you have a million other projects going on, but do you have any ideas about plates or platters to use on top, or how to attach them? I know you may not have time to respond--I love your design sense and sensibility all the same!

You could probably do a DIY and use them as stands to mount interesting things like huge shells.

I love this combination of different shapes and woods! They would coordinate beautifully with natural colored beeswax candles!

HI EDDIE!!! lurker turned lover here...

if you are doing a grouping of them - should they all be the same color? I am wondering what your opinion is about this...

Wow...what a great idea! Your Thanksgiving table setting idea is fabulous and your description really painted a vivid picture in my mind. Thanks for sharing!

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