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September 29, 2008


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Was looking for a brass bar cart for my living room and came across your blog. I want your bar cart and love the blog! You've inspired me to head over to Eastern Market in Washington, DC to see what I can find.

I'm looking forward to checking out habitually chic.

Eddie - Love your blog and love how, in an era where people confuse bitchiness with wit, you remain staunchly polite, kind and gracious. You have a wonderful eye but I especially appreciate that it is paired with an acute sense of decorum.

Habitually Chic is a delight and I'm thrilled to see the two of you working and playing together in the streets of New York.

I love meeing new blog friends...what fun! She is Hibitually Chic, and so are you...nice lamps!

You've got to come out to Portland (OR, you would grab some great finds. I have a question but first wanted to reminisce about Mrs. Walters. I thought she was the bees knees...
OK - I have about 20 geranium plants. Most in window boxes, the others paired with succulents and grasses. They made for a beautiful front porch but now they have to go. I am itching to "Fall-out". Your painted pumpkins are awesome!!! But I won't need to go through that. We are surrounded by farms where pumpkins abound. In past years I'd bring the boxes in to the foyer downstairs, unfortunately, my neighbor has taken it over with his junk. And I mean junk... I have room for the plants in the apartment but I would have to spread them out. My questions is how do I do this with out making it look like a plant sale? Do you recommend that I re-pot groups of them in assorted planters, or should I leave them in the boxes? Also, how would you display the plants?
Thanks in advance!

how is it that i'm continually at the flea market in hells kitchen and i've never seen you there?

watching you each week on top design, you make me almost wish i was an interior designer again. almost. (=

Please keep the ideas coming! My mother has collected Heisey glass for years. She just passed a wonderful punch bowl set down to me. Any suggestions on use or do I have to find a pregnant woman and host a shower!

Lovelovelove your boots!

Eddie Ross, YOU ROCK! I've been blogging about two months as well, isn't it fun? It just keeps mushrooming, and I'm continually inspired!
Thank you, thank you for always giving tips on how you would use or repurpose something - always makes me go "hmmmm..."

Love, love, love your blog!! So inspirational and fun to read. Can't wait to get down to NYC (i'm in Boston) and hit the flea mkts. Would you ever post your wild mushroom and butternut squash lasagna recipe? Sounds so yummy and just right for this time of year...:-)

Looks like a fun day for two great bloggers.

Thanks again Eddie for the wonderful day! I learned so much and had a ton of fun in the process! Looks like you could easily start charging for tours of the flea market too! Ha! Can't wait until the next time...just as long as it's sunny ;-)

Isn't the blogosphere a great place? Looks like you met a great new friend and had a wonderful time! And those wellies - love it! I also did some happy hunting at a antique festival this weekend. If you have time stop on over and check it out! - Diana from www.pleasesirblog.blogspot.com

I so miss my home, thanks so much to you both for bringing rainy NY to me here in LA!

Eddie. do you have any ideas on mixing silver and gold accents. You talk about the brass bar cart and a silver plated ice bucket together, do you think there are any rules of thumb to mixing those tones for those of us who cannot so effortlessly blend elements? I have lovely silver frames,old and new and brass accents like a faux bamboo brass cocktail tray and gold mirrors. Are they all compatible? Ahhh!

Thanks for the stunning blog with endless inspiration, both in words and photos! Kay

Just starting reading your blog. Love it. Wish I could be in New York to hit those flea markets. Please check out my shop at

I think I need to come with you and shop. I can't seem to find the wonderful things you do or have the imagination you have as what to do with everthing. Not even close. I do love going flea marketing though.

totally love the HK flea market although I think it was so much better when it was in chelsea. and i love love love that bar cart!!! such a great find!

I do not have the patience or the eye for flea market shopping, but enjoy shopping at antique/vintage stores who have done all of the pre-selecting. Have you ever thought about opening an ebay store to sell some of your finds (a la Maison 21?).

I think your blog is fabulous! When you have time, please please, visit my blog and help with choosing a fabric for my new sofa! I desperately need someone with chic good taste to help me!

Eddie, you have an amazing eye and you have always been incredibly gracious!

Congratulations on 2 awesome months! I love your blog! Its very inspirational and I enjoy watching you on Bravo. Best of Luck!


I am entirely jealous of Habitually Chic Heather that she gets to hang with uber-fabulous you. If I lived in NYC (and not Palm Beach) I would be stalking you every day at the fleas, at work, anywhere.
Loved your purple and green floral arrangement on Top Design. You rock my world.

I'm jealous! I wanna come too!

What a fun post! You two look like you had a great time and found some real treasures! Habitually Chic was my favorite blog find of 2007, and yours is my favorite blog find of 2008, and in reading both, I become a little more chic and "eddie-fied" every day! It's amazing the ways in which blogs can expand our horizons, and I adore each of your blogs for just that reason. Thank you, thank you! Keep up the great work!!

the haul! the haul! you made out with incredible booty. I'm dying for that cart.

While L.A. has some great 'big' fleas, nothing compares to the little ones on the east coast.

and bonus...it looks autumnal there. sigh.

I almost bought those cheese knives a couple of weeks ago! I can now feel confident in my taste level ;-)

All jokes aside, thanks for creating one of my favorite web destinations! So delighted that two of my favorite bloggers have joined forces!

Ok Eddie- next time I'm in New York will you take me???? SO many great finds and you are great and re-purposing everything- Glad Heather got the lamps-

Eddie you are my fave on Top Design and I so hope you win! You are one of the most resourceful designers I've seen in a long time. Looking at an ordinary object and thinking up 10 amazing ways to transform it is so original and creative, I love it! This is why I'm a huge fan. Also, you have a great attitude.... so I hope you win! Love your blog, keep it up! xoxo Christina

Can I just say that I heart your blog? It inspires me to start going to flea markets here in DC. When I saw you on Top Design, I keep thinking that I've seen you somewhere before - and now I remember that I still have the copy of House Beautiful from Feb 05 which had your first Treasure Hunt column, which was awesome. I'll be rooting for you on TD!

Oh I'm so jealous! Let me know if you ever come to Los Angeles ;)

I absolutely adore that push cart. I would use it as a bedside table! It's so elegant, great find!

Oh Eddie,
When I lived in NYC the 26th Street Flea was the thing. On my last few visits, I've made my way to the reincarnation on 39th and Ninth, and I am so happy to see that the stuff is still good and the prices are too!
BTW, please pick up a pair of those huge Carrie D. glasses for me - I'm getting to the point where I can pull them off LOL
xo xo

You have inspired me to dig out all of my beautiful things and display them. Although I pared down to live in a condo in a marina, I had saved many lovely things from a Goodwill fate. I guess I'll commit to dusting, now.

The day after I drooled over the marble lamps pictured on your blog, my bedroom lamp fizzed out. I made it my mission to buy a marble one this weekend -- $41! (half price, probably due to the crummy economy)
Also bought some roses, watched your video and now am enjoying their wonderful scent. Thank you for the inspiration!

I have one word: JEALOUS! The thing I love most about your writing is that you always describe the end use with such great imagery! I can totally "see" the cake on the cake stand, the wine on the bar cart. Inspiring. Jaithan must be your fabulous photographer capturing all of your adventures. Very nice work!

I am such a dork. I did not go to the flea market this weekend as I thought the rain would keep the good stuff away - clearly I was wrong. I am psyched for the Elephant on 10/5!

Those marble lamps are awesome. Great score Heather!

Lastly, if you love Auntie Mame, I did an entire photo (screen capture) report on all her fabulous decor changes. Happy to share.

what fun! I love your ideas for using the pins and buckles on the table -- so creative. I always spend some time in front of the costume jewelry cabinets, but I don't think I would have EVER thought to use it on my table.

and I'm glad the marble lamps found a good home! I was lusting after them last week, and getting to see them in Heather's home is almost as good as having them in mine :)

Ok, totally envious of Heather! Would love to shop in NYC with you. FUN!!!
Have not been there since 1976, but my art work is shown at SURTEX app 4 times a year. Trapped here in Northern Wisconsin, BRRRR!!! but enjoying the Extra Sharp Cheddar. Mmmm.
(Your post mentioned a Gruyere, but I'm not sure if that is a legal cheese in Wisconsin, land of Cheddar Noggins or better yet, Cheese Heads??)
You're on my Favs list, so hoping more people will discover your new blog from there too.
p.s. If you can find a way, please send Brett back :)

Such a fun post! And you two looked like you had a ball together. Nothing like hitting the flea markets with a good shopping partner. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see pictures of your new pieces in their new home!

What an amazing day you both had! I am totally jealous she got to go shopping with you, how much fun! If you are ever in Boston let me know, I'd love to go with you. You completely inspire me all the time, I took your advice and did a "his" and "hers" etching on glass cups for the medicine cabinet this weekend. I'm posting pics soon so be sure to check them out!

I just want to say it is truly inspirational to see someone with an impeccable sense of style go out and buy cheap items and restore and/or remake them into beautiful pieces. I get discouraged when working on my personal space because sometimes I can't afford to hit Ikea, much less Crate & Barrel or Design Within Reach. But your blog is a reminder of the great, affordable design possibilities around us every day. Keep up the awesome work!

I can't wait to visit all of the great markets in London next month! They will be full of treasures that are so different than the ones on this side of the pond!

Great scores!!!


Love your inspirational ideas and your elegant design style! YOU have inspired me to decorate my fall thanksgiving table!

I think posting prices would help as well - I live in Toronto but I'd definitely think about making the trek to NYC for a flea market trip if I knew it was affordable!

I'll keep reading - looking forward to holiday ideas - thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!!!

great post! i'll be in new york at the end of the month and have wrote down every single place you've mentioned (even the ones in Jersey as that's where i'll be based) and plan on hitting all of them! i've been looking for a brass vintage bar cart forever! yours is great...the search continues...

Eddie just doscovered your fab blog through Mrs. Blandings. I am also in Kansas City. Please check out my blog as well;......I am new at this also and asking for comments.
You have a great eye!

I convinced you fell from Design Heaven. Divine post!

Your shopping trip looked like a lot of fun. Flea markets are where it's at!

Just found your blog this morning. Was so wrapped up in reading that I forgot to make lunch for my kids - oops! (I have never made 3 lunches so fast in my life). Enjoyed so much just pouring through all the "pages" of your blog as I am in limbo right now with construction...My builder has turned into a walking cliche...walking right out the door to another job and so I am in (or not in rather) my own "Hell's Kitchen".... :) It's such a beautiful space. A great 1834 colonial with exposed beams in the LR and DR and the most awful 1970's Kitchen and FR that we reclaimed. A very classic white and marble kitchen...Can't move in until the builder decides to reappear and until then it really just looks like a decorator's dream with nothing but finished clean spaces to add a personal touch to...Any takers????

What a fab day you and Heather had at the flea market! Lucky me to go there too via blogland! Thanks for sharing it with me!
I have to get to NY soon!
Love your blog, Eddie .....I will visit often!
With Regards,

Eddie, I found you through Mrs. Blandings. Your blog is so much fun. . . I love estate sales/flea markets too. I'm wondering if it would be possible to post prices on some of your finds. It would be interesting to compare NYC to midwestern prices.

Welcome to blogland! I am a big fan of your work and now you have inspired me to Flea!

As if i didn't have ENOUGH reasons to want to move to new york!!! I cant wait to get to go to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. And by the way Eddie, you will always be cute, but you look extra fetching in those 1950's tortise shell glasses.

just popped over from chic's- looks as if you two had a fun and bountiful day! heather is the first blogging friend i made, and since i've never met her in person, i envy you!

welcome to blogland!

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