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September 04, 2008


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I love this shadow box! I am building one for a friend out of the wedding set. Your mounting looks amazing! Much better than everything else i have tried. Would you be so kind to tell how you did it?


It was great reading your site. Please advise if you know of a buyer for some hotel silverware I have such as: Biltmore 1913, Parklane,Waldorf, Lido Club,The Southern.

While going through some old Family silverware I came across a single Baby tea spoon that was made By Gorham Co. It is marked Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Next to the Gorham name is a Hallmark that I can't quite make out. It is not Marked 925 or anything. Just says Gorham Co. and Waldorf Astoria Hotel Co. I have been trying to find out something about this piece with no luck. Any Ideas?

Hi Eddie -
I came across your blog and this entry from 2008 with silverware mounted in the shadowbox. I am wondering how you mounted it. A friend has asked that I do some special pieces (a memento from a neighbour who has gone into a retirement home) and I was told that I would have to fastne the pieces with thread but I cannot see any thing holding the sliver in your picture. I am worried about using other gluess,or adhesives for fear or damaging the silver. I would really appreciate any information or help that you can give me!

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I too love this silverware in the shadow box. I plan to make a similar project using family heirloom silver. Please let me know how it is mounted! Thank you.

Wow, I thought I was the only person who collected monogrammed hotel silverware!

I love hotel silver as well and have starting collecting pieces recently. The shadow box is such a nice way of displaying your hotel silver collection. Could you tell me how you mounted the pieces in the shadow box? Thanks for such a great idea!

I found an old silver spoon with 'The Commodore 1921" stamped in the back, your your website helped me figure out where it came from. Where is/was the Commodore Hotel? And, does this thing have any value? Thanks, John

Could you please tell me how you mounted your hotel silver in the shadow box. I have some silverware from my grandparents that I want to display in a shadow box, but I don't know how to mount it attractively. Please e-mail your response. Thank you.

i love the show and you kill me!
how do you come up with those amazing ideas?
can't wait to see what happens tonight!
xxx s

In the words of the fabulous Jonathan Adler, you are j'adorable. I'm loving the inspiring posts in your blog.

Eddie - congrats on Episode One! Loved your line - "I'm a traveling butler's pantry"! Can't till epi 2!

Hi Eddie! I'm so glad I found your blog. As I find out more about you I become a bigger fan. The show was great - I'm excited about this season! As an aspiring designer and avid collector I have so many questions. Like how you started your amazing career at House Beautiful and Martha Stewart?! I would love to work for an interior design magazine and was hoping you could provide some insider tips. I truly appreciate your advice and look forward to hearing more about you. Lots of luck and keep creating - Diana


I've only just discovered this wonderful site. I've been a House Beautiful subscriber for a while now and my favorite feature was always the "Weekend Shopper". "That Eddie Ross is a genius," I would say. I anxiously awaited the first episode of season 2 of Top Design but never gave the teasers a very close look. Imagine my delight when I realized the clever fellow from House Beautiful, whose ideas awed and inspired me, was one of the contestants! I watch all the design competitions on Bravo and I have never, before now, had a favorite to win from the very first episode.

Thank you for all the helpful posts and the lovely ideas. You’ve inspired me to look at things and imagine what they could be.

-Veronica in Miami

You were such a great, big ball of energy last night! ;)

The show was so fun last night! So glad it is back. I still can't decide how I felt about the challenge though. I understand the idea that a truly talented designer will be able to come up with something amazing on any budget, but when you are designing for four luminaries like Kelly, Jonathan, Margaret and India, it would be nice to be able to really do something incredible for them, with a bit bigger bank account. It almost would have been cool to see this later in the season, with one designer per loft and design god or goddess. Just my two cents. I know this season will be wonderful and many more interesting and exciting challenges will come!

You are just as funny and darling as can be...it would be interesting to know a little more about your background (besides your professional accomplishments) Do you come from a family of collectors/flea marketeers? From where did your love of all of this come?

The upcoming season looks to be an exciting one. Also, the production team has definitely made some improvements over last season (Pop designs, getting rid of the horrible "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" song, INDIA HICKS!!). Can't wait to see what happens with you and the snippy store clerk. So much fun to come!

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