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September 21, 2008


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Ohh Eddie, you are so delightful, where have you been my whole life? I'm completely rooting for you on the show and just adore all of your ideas here on your site.

My nephew goes to Pace Univ., I'll have to tell him to head straight to this Flea Market or definitely take me there when I come to visit!!

Excellent post - found your blog through Washington Post blogwatch. I particularly related to the comment about painting antique chippendale chairs...I have 16 antique chippendale chairs (inherited with a massively large Baker dining room table - 120" with no leaves, and there are 4 leaves!). They are not really 'me', and I would love to paint them, but just can't do it. Oh well, I will try to update the room in other ways (just painted F&B clunch, which helped).

I’ve just stumbled across your blog after seeing it mentioned on almost every other design blog out there, and I have to say that you certainly didn’t disappoint! Your blog is thoroughly entertaining. I appreciate not only how detailed you are in your posts, but also taking the time to photograph the process, document your thoughts and ideas, and posting regularly…truly inspiring and a rarity in blog land. I was just at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market and I didn’t see much there… but then I don’t have your eye… but I hope to develop it after reading more of your blog! Love your work, your style. I’ll definitely be back.

P.S. I think you should write a book featuring Befores & Afters. This way, I could have it in my back pocket for reference next time I’m out shopping :)

I think I love you. No, really ... you are SO talented and your blog is my new favorite. And I've read 'em all, honey! I love how you take the time to tell us (the clueless folk who desperately want to have fabulous pads!) exactly how to get it done. I'm the type of person who goes to a thrift store and marvels at how anyone can find a gem in all that. You've totally inspired me. Cheers!

Just found your blog courtesy of Apartment Therapy. I'm hooked.

I havne't been to the NYC flea in years. I'm still annoyed that they moved it out of Chelsea.

Have you been to the Elephant in Connecticut? Incredible! So worth the drive and the prices are amazing.

Just another ardent admirer like everyone else and cannot wait to see your place in Domino! I am so glad I found your blog!

I too discovered your blog through Martha. What an inspiration you are! It once again makes me envious of the great flea markets in New York. Seattle has one pretty good one, but nowhere can touch a New York flea market with all the great finds hiding and waiting to be rediscovered. You are very talented! I really loved the "Good Things" that you shared on Martha too. Glad I recorded that day.

I'll bore you to tears and say again, "you're so fabulous!"

The petite marble lamp is stuck in my head. Oh, it's deeelish. And love that little table you walked away with.

Can't wait for your spread in Domino. No doubt it will be amazing. Oh, how I wish I had snagged you as a friend before you became famous! Anyone who gets to hang with you shopping, designing or just hangin' is super lucky.

Love the idea of the gray lamp shades! Sounds divine!

Wonderful, wonderful finds! I to love garage sales, junk stores, anywhere I can find unique objects to decorate with. Your blog is such a joy to read. Keep up the good work.

Three things:
1. Can you come to my house and make the autumn poached pear in red wine syrup or warm apple sauce with cinnamon crème fraîche?

2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black wedgewood!

3. I have one Johnson Indian Tree plate. Just one and I have no idea how I came about owning it. Just thought I'd share.

Great blog, I'm so happy I found it.

Love your thrifty shopping, before/after posts! Super natty blog!

I found your blog via Martha, and it is GORGEOUS. (Obviously.) These are great ideas - do they come to you while you're looking at the piece or later when you've had a chance to think about it?

Eddie!! I just read through your entire blog and I'm jumping up and down, squeeling and clapping...love it when I come across a really AWESOME one.

Love the shopping trips and how you describe what you would do with each piece. People need to hear that...so many have no clue what they could do with these things. You have inspired me to look for old silver pickle forks to give with my homemade pickles at Christmas time.

Thanks for a great read tonight and please count me as a regular. :)

Your posts inspired me to go antiquing this weekend as well! I found lots of good things, none that HAD to come home with me though. You always make it look so fun and have such an amazing eye. I'd die to go with you antiquing though, for sure I'd go home with everything!

PS- I can't WAIT for the November Domino now, so so exciting!!

Hi Eddie:
I just discovered your blog this week and wanted to thank you for all your great tips and inspiration. I just spent this afternoon catching up on your blog and l love everything--I happen to be a antiques lover and a huge hydrangea person myself. Can't wait to see your apartment in the Nov. issue of Domino. Look forward to reading more of your tips!

Hi, Eddie! I'm loving your blog. You are my favorite on the show, of course. I love antiquing too. We (friend Paula and I) have a shop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida (a mix of old and new) called Not Just Chairs. Please check out our web site. www.notjustchairs.com See you at Scott's! I'd love to be your new best friend.

Eddie, I love your blog. You challenge me to be more creative and make things more beautiful. Thank you. I have a question...where do you buy nice lampshades? They are so hard!


Eddie, it's official: I am in love with every one of your ideas and I think we should be besties.

And now I have to go paint something kelly green.

xoxo ab

Ok, so I really love that butter yellow table too and it would look so so cute in my little girls room! Can I buy it from you?

Thanks for taking us shopping with you! I too, would like to know if you could tell us some approximate prices on the items that you point out. Do you remember the price of the high boy? Do you bargain with the vendors?
You mentioned you would paint the high boy a French gray. Do you use the Ralph Lauren "candlight" or "riverrock" finish?

Hi Eddie...what fun I had shopping with you. And guess what I did today? I watched Top Designer episodes and now I'm hooked. I loved your bunker, it was amazing. I've got my fingers crossed for you. I've never watched the show before.

wow. thanks especially for saying what you would do with each piece, what room you would use it in, and how you would accessorize. it gave me some happy little pictures in my mind! such inspiration! thanks!

What wonderful finds! Those marble lamps will be fabulous when you're finished with them. The Wedgewood plate really makes a statement. I think it will be perfect in your apartment. The Queen Anne highboy could be so fun with a modern make-over and if placed in the right space.

Congratulations on the well-deserved piece in Domino!

I had the pleasure of seeing you for the first time as a member of Martha's studio audience! You do lovely work!! All of my friends and family who caught that show were talking about your postcards. I will admit, that it was a little hard to type and pay close attention. Wish I could have stayed in NYC to visit that flea market - it looks amazing!


I hate to be redundant - but I am totally enjoying your blog, too.

Was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing how much some of your flea market finds are.


okay...i'm officialy addicted to your blog and have read every single post. very inspiring. it would be awesome if, with some of your finds, you could perhaps give a tip or two on how you know the item is authentic or mass produced? you seem to be really knowledgeable about antiques and for someone starting out in attempting to collect a tip or two here or there would come in handy...but if you don't feel like leaving tips i'll still read :) thanks for the great posts!

Your blog is so fun and interesting! I'm truly enjoying my visit here :-) I love reading about your flea market trips. You've got a great eye, and I'm getting a little envious here, when seeing all the wonderful stuff your local flea market has to offer!!

Hi there,
I've just had so much fun reading all through your blog. Your painted secretary has inspired me to try my hand with my aunt's breakfront, which looks very similar. I'm also loving all your flea market finds. I am a thrift store junkie, and I was absolutely drooling over your photos.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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