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September 23, 2008


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A few weeks ago, I gave this a shot with some great results -- well, except for the part where some of the etching cream got on my granite countertop!

Mishap aside, this is a great project. Thanks for the inspiration!

(A few pictures of my mirrors are here:

This is fantastic! I can see a perfect gift idea for friends and family: creating a set of four glasses using a silhouette of their kids. You are brilliant!

Eddie - Thanks for your quick responses. I have to paint my living room the colors in this room. What color is the gray and the white trim??

OMG the mirror is perfect. You have such an imagination and find the most beautiful treasures. The more I read your blog the more in love with it I become. I've been behind this week and I think I've the weeks worth now. Hopefully I can keep caught with you now. You are one of my very favs. I am adding you to my blog list.

That mirror rocks. LOVE it.

oh , this is just mad brilliant. how cute would this be as a gift to a newly married couple?? with their own profiles? love.

Hi Eddie, I found you via Joni at Cote de Texas. Little did I know you'd be THE Eddie I hope will win Bravo's TopDesign. I saw this picture set of you in the garage thrift market and have to ask if it's the Chelsea garage market on 26th or 27th? I live in Upstate NY, but visit NYC often - my uncles live on W. 23rd, and my last visit included a stop at the garage thrift market and a parking-lot thrift market filled with gorgeous African and Asian wares. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up one of those calligraphy brushes. I'm going to continue reading through your insightful and beautiful posts. I'm sure I'll gain quite the education.

I love this idea!!!

I will be doing this at some point. Most definatly.

By the way I thought the bachelor's apartment was great...

Eddie - LOVE the etched mirror. I've been looking for a mirror to put over my mantle, and once I find one, etching a design might be the perfect finishing touch.
Love you on Top Design!

SHUT UP! <-- in my best Stacy London voice

I swear that, when I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be Eddie Ross. You are truly amazing.

May our paths cross soon. I will be waiting at the Hell's Kitchen flea market!

Stop it, did you really do this? Love it! Magical transformation.

You are fabulous! And why haven't I found you before. I am in love,sigh.

Forever etched in the mirror of my mind.
Now you have me itching to etch - and I think i will do some one for each of my children and my dog too.

fantastic. i love your vision!! :) i'm really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work. (and looove you on the show) ok, i'm done kissing ass for now.

Your Jasperware etched glasses are divine!Great project!

Such a cool idea!

Great project, but I have to say I'm most enthralled by the wall color that sets off the mirror. What is that taupe-y grey color of the wall in the last photo?
Your blog is beautiful, by the way. I'm new to it, and just realized that you're the designer behind several pages of Martha Stewart Living that I have torn out for my inspiration file. Thank you!

This is beautiful, Love the glasses. After finding and pouring over your blog for the last day and a half I would LOVE a Eddie Ross home tour.You have inspired me,I love your style, Your just amazing.

This is such a great idea. I love etching cream, but have never used it on a mirror surface before - must try. LURVE this.

Eddie, this idea is SO fantastic! I can't wait to use it! I have a few of the Juliska glasses with the Roman bust on them (only a few as they are ridiculously expensive), but who needs more when I can make something so fabulous on my own??

This post is bringing back memories of sorts for me. For my sister's baby shower a few years back I handmade all the invitations using her silhouette from a Disneyland silhouette portrait we had done when we were really little. I transfered the bust onto Paper Source stickers, cut it out and then put the sticker onto a Paper Source card, which I then customized a bit with a hand drawn border (used a ruler). It was a LOT of cutting (I think I had to do like 30 invites!), but well worth the time, and it turned out really cute.

Its almost Wednesday...yay! Can't wait for tomorrow's show!

I love the mirror! Fantastic!

I recently did a silhouette on canvas of my three kids. I think it add a little something to the family room that a regular photo just can't do.

Thanks for the great directions.

The silhouette rather looks like my Grandfather, although Grandpa was better looking by far. To this day friends see photos and exclaim, "Your Grandfather was a FOX!" He was, and it drove Grandmother nuts. Women swooned and don't think he didn't enjoy THAT:)
When I was a little girl I thought he was the man on the dime. He was fairly prominent in our little town of Geneva, Ill. In my little head...why WOULDN'T they put him on the dime? (But I also thought we'd gone to the ocean because I couldn't see land, found out years later, it was Lake Michigan.)
Life's Short...Buy Art!

I just got home from the thrift store with a vintage glass cocktail shaker. I think I'll try your etched silhoutte on it. As always, thanks for the great ideas!

I have always been so afraid of etching glass--it seems so final, and so easy to screw up! But maybe it's worth a shot, especially since it's so inexpensive. Thanks!

I LOVE it! It reminds me of the gorgeous men I lusted over in HBO's series "Rome". But I digress; what a great, creative idea!

i've been meaning to do an etching project for a while now and this has given me the push i need...*sigh* another weekend project to undertake thanks to eddie ross :)

You are AMAZING!

I am so obsessed with your ideas and blog!! You are so talented and are making me sad I just cancelled cable and can't watch you do magic on Top Design.

Where do you get these kinds of things (glue, etching paper, etc) in the city? I live in NYC too and feel like I'm on a constant search for this stuff since we don't have a Michael's.
I love the sketching idea and how pigtown-designs painted dots on champagne glasses for gifts - too cute!!

p.s. what is the cross street of the Salvation Army you just went to? I live on 52nd and would love to stop in...

What a fabulous idea! I think the etched mirror would be devine in a baby's nursery - with the baby profile it would be personalized and still hot hot hot.

thanks for the inspiration!

Love it! Looks like one DIY I have to try.

Love love this!! I am always walking around my house trying to find some activity/craft to keep me busy and this is perfect! I've been meaning to etch things for awhile now, so thanks AGAIN for the motivation!

Eddie - are you sure that dish is vintage? That silhouette looks like Antony Todd to me. Love the idea of this project. (I own those glasses and adore them.) I did the same basic thing in felt on pillows with silhouettes of my three boys.

Perfection! I etched a bunch of cheap Ikea champagne glasses with tiny dots (bubbles) to give as christmas presents a few years ago. You have to be careful about the edges of the design, and about getting the etching cream on your skin, as it is acid.

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