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September 26, 2008


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You guys are TOTALLY amazing.Thank you for your beautiful music.
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Thanks for the help :-D, Aria.

I just came across your blog a few days ago and I CAN'T stop looking at it. You are truly gifted and I love how you share your ideas, finds, tips, suggestions, etc. with everyone. In this entry you mentioned Amy's Bread. Another reason why I like you. Amy Scherber is my cousin..small world.

Molly from Minnesota.

I have always done this with any wooden items I have. I use food safe or good grade mineral oil. Makes you wooden things last as long as you keep them!

Brillant posting and video -- DH and I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for posting so much good info about maintenance for wood items in the home. We use Williamsville Wax on our items and it is a really organic (real beeswax) and amazing product! We buy it online from H.F. Staples in the northeast.

Thanks again!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

I just oiled all of my collection. I only have a few pieces! Thanks for posting!

I just got my SECOND huge BOOS cutting board for our kitchen so they now flank our stove and I can cut and prepare from either side. I love getting out the mineral oil and quenching the thirst of my wood objects.

Annie - the directions on my board actually say to oil it before use. The theory being that the oil protects the board from juices and/or odors so that when you do wash your board (with warm, soapy water) you are theoretically just washing off what is above the layer of oil in your board.

Hope that made sense. So basicially, it is perfectly fine to use with the layer oil...just don't go drinking it or anything :)

PS - I have been on the great bread/cheese board search of '08 ever since having my sandwich served up on one at Pastis in the Meat Packing district this summer. I figure it would be a lovely way to serve lunch in my garden.

Mu Mother-in-law gave me a wonderful cutting board, well used and has the dutch word "Brood" for Bread and I am off to revitalize~
Wonderful tutorial video and I adore your elephant board, perfect for the election, you need a donkey to go with!

Thanks for the reminder. I need to do that very same little project but since this weekend will be warm and sunny I will postpone it until we get a snowy weekend. Or just rainy!!

Can you answer some of the questions we ask on your various topics in your comment section? If you could leave your answers in the comment section, it would be so appreciated!
You're outrageously talented!

Too funny you posted about this today...I have mineral oil on my "to get" list for this weekend so I have an inside activity...you read my mind :)

Love the blog Eddie. But I have to ask, where do you store all your purchases? And is it safe to assume most of what you buy goes to clients? Or are you stockpiling?

LOVE love love your blog - I am a huge fan and wish I knew you were on Marthas show when I came up last year with my daughter -

PS you were robbed Wednesday night! If the judges werent so jealous you surely would have won- next time tell them to come up with something a little harder like arranging with your hands tied behind your back- You're flowers were OVER THE TOP!

I wish I had seen this post before I accidentally put our hand-made breadboard from Alaska in the dishwasher. It was lovely. And the one wife-approved treasure my husband still had from his bachelor days!

Very informative post.

I love the word 'treenware'... i think it is scottish.

I am totally going to the flea market this weekend. You are a total inspiration!

And by the way, your flower arrangement on Wed night was gorge.

I think Amy of Amy's Bread might be the only woman my Fiance would leave me for. He (we, really) love her goods.

Another awesome, Eddie! Do you have to wash the cutting boards once before use? Or is it safe to use with the layer of mineral oil on top?


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