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October 02, 2008


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Oh, PLEASE do a book, as soon as humanely possible! I just discovered your blog and am so inspired! Thank you for sharing your talents.

I would love to have a book written by you.
I am really enjoying reading your blog. And I am going to concoct a mushroom, carmelized onion, Boursin cheese quiche.
I am inspired.

Hi Eddie,
I just found your blog, I did not know you were on TV, I shall be sure to watch the show now. I love your tablesettings I am a bit of a fanatic about tablesetting myself, so it is so much fun finding another table setting enthusiast! I will be back to check your blog :)

Hi Eddie!

I've started watching Top Design and love the work you've done on the show. I'm happy to have stumbled upon your blog! I love having friends and family over for autumn dinners, and it is always my goal to prepare the meals, the ambience and the decor with panache. I am adding you to my blog roll, and I look forward to reading more!

I'm dying for some mini Ironstone tureens! Yours are great!

Hi Eddie, I love everything you create. Its classic and charming with a fresh young twist. I like to stay current but have a very traditional bend. You show me how to mix it up beautifully. I am so going to target for the napkins. I chose a white on linen pallette for my Thanksgiving table and I am pulling together ideas now. Where did you get the natural linen table cloth, that is exactly what I am looking for. Thankyou so much for all your inspiration. Keep posting we all want more!!! smiles Kathysue

I LOVE your ideas...the dinner setup was beautiful and you looked ADORABLE!

Wow Eddie is all I can say. I love your monogrammed silver and your soup tureens. Way to cute. And the copper pot is to die for. I've been looking all over for one with no luck. Some day though. Your meal sounded perfect. Just one thing...I didn't receive my invitation!!

Everything looks so elegant without being formal. I love and cannot believe that you got those hemstitched napkins which look like old linen at TARGET! The smallish ironstone platters is pure brilliance, which I am going to steal right now on ebay. Thanksgiving plates never have enough room. I'm also going to borrow your pumpkin idea to sit on my Great Grandmother's cut glass cake stand.

One last thing.. I have a copper pot that's similar. I have looked up and down the aisles in the supermarket and online and I cannot for the life of me find a bottle of elbow grease. If you find a supplier, please let me know!

Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. I ALSO "cook by ear" so I can put that quiche together. Mmmmm.

Hi Eddie,
It's like looking at myself in the mirror!
I'm an expat New Yorker, and I have many nice things from Sage Street (and Ruby Beets)!
I have a huge collection of white ironstone, and I use butter pats for salt and pepper at each person's place setting.
Always enjoy your work.
xo xo

I love those monogrammed silverware pieces. I'll be looking out for some this weekend when I hit up some antiques stores with my sister!

Me again -- I was cruising through some fav blogs and do check out this one for its amazing food ideas -- especially the Oct. 2/08 posting with the Sweet Potato Creme Brulee .... might be just another way to end a wonderful fall supper!


Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Hi Eddie-
I have a passion for ironstone too! I would LOVE to find some soup tureens like yours. You table is just perfection. It looks very well thought out: all of your guests' comforts were thought of. Yet it is relaxed as well, so everyone feels right at home. Pampered, that's what they would be feeling. And that is what makes it so perfect! (I use my stack of oval diner plates almost every night. I love how food lays out on an oval plate.)

Looks delicious, Eddie!

Eddie! The food, the table, the ambiance -- absolutely swank! And you are incredibly dapper! You make life feel so good.

What will you be selling when you open your online store? I can't wait!

Oh my god, I am virtually bowing down to you!!! Everything about that dinner party looks impeccable- including you! Absolutely gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing!

I can't stop looking at the ivory salt and pepper spoons.

Just looking at this gorgeous table I am ready to pull up a chair - Beautiful- Keep posting - I cant say enough- Love your blog

Culinary school? Is there anything you don't do? I'm amazed! I love your tablescapes with a passion.

If you ever need inspiration for something to blog about - I'd love to hear your ideas about decorating for a baby shower. I'm hosting one October 25th, and I am planning on a chic, modern party - with no diapers or silly games! The colors are a soft mint green and brown. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have!

You are absolutely putting me in the mood for Fall! You really make the simple things in life stand out. Thank you for making us stop and smell the roses. Your blog is getting better every day! Keep up the beautiful posts!

Hi Eddie

Thank you for all your wonderful tips & for inspiring me to host a festive fall dinner party. The wild mushroom quiche sounds truly wonderful! Please share if you ever have the time--I'm amazed with everything that you do now while working full time. Can't wait to see what you planed next!!! Happy Fall

Eddie, cannot wait for your book! You're a constant source of inspiration, thank you! :o)

I'm off to the farmers markets this weekend, in search of some beautiful pumpkins. I love those sage-y/silver green ones. Just beautiful.

As Jonathan would say...I "j'adore" you!!! Please write a cookbook for your fans....(table setting sidenotes would be awesome). Your dinner looks amazing!

Your blog is my latest obsession! The quiche looks so gorgeous, I would have photographed it too.

Beautiful table and the menu sounds divine as well. I must say that I have been paying more attention to how I am setting my table and even storing and displaying my dishes since I started reading your blog.

Having my husband's boss over for dinner just 2 nights ago was fantastic and the table and dining room looked great.

Eddie, oh my goodness! What a fabulous dinner. Everything looks beautiful and the food looks and sounds absolutely amazing! You are such a lovely host. Your friends and family are very lucky.

Since reading your blog, I have been bidding like mad on ebay for more silver. Desperately want a mother of pearl fish knife and fork set! Beautiful table!

Love it. Love Eddie.

I LOVE the little faux-bois pitcher! Is it spode?? I fell in love with smoked sea salt last year and always have both regular and smoked available!

Charming and elegant - and I'm sure that describes the host as well as the food, the table and the company too! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful party menu! Especially handy to see the settings and read about your treasures -- so much more personal when you know their stories! Can't wait for your first decor/treasure hunting/party book! You KNOW that it will be an automatic buy for so many of your blog fans! And yes -- I do agree -- please could you talk about storage issues too?

Jan at the very small-with-no-storage Rosemary Cottage

Thanks for having us for dinner! Your table settings are lovely and I will try setting the table the day before what a great idea. Usually I'm ironing the linens in the morning then rushing around trying to get the food prepared, hel-lo just start earlier.

Love that copper pot. I think that I may need one...

I need to know - how in the world do you store all your items? I have a hard time storing my few pieces.... any tips?

Fabulous.....warm and personal. Ginny

For a moment I was terrified you would not mention the pitchers. I adore them. And, particularly charmed by the ironstone platters as plates. Perfection. Thanks for inviting us along.

and that wild mushroom quiche looks yummy, you are going to have to post the recipe

Eddie, beautiful post and what a superb setting for an autumn dinner party!

Another request for the quiche recipe please!

Very charming. It's so good to see someone who still wants to set a pretty table. I love all the natural colors and great texture.

I just recently found your blog and really have enjoyed reading all your posts.

Have a great weekend!

Simple and yet so beautiful..the attention to detail is impeccable right down to the napkins...from TARGET!!! they look vintage!

Can we have a sneek peak in the cabinet/buffet...or wherever you keep all your china, glass ware etc!! it must look like a treasure trove!!

Loving your blog!

seriously Eddie, you need to get on eBay and start selling stuff. Hi Jaithan SK!

Once again, blow me away with your reuse of traditional items, love the copper pot as a serving piece! You are a real maverick! wink wink

Lovely, I so appreciate your classic style. Your guests must feel so special!

The table is just gorgeous. I love the different textures of the textiles in contrast with the ironstone. The Bucks County pitcher is fabulous. I'd love to see the wild mushroom quiche receipe too.
Happy Fall!

What time?

Oh,your fall dinner looks simple and elegant. Could you please post the recipe for your wild mushroom quiche. It looks so good. A nice hearty fall meal. Thank you.

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