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October 05, 2008


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great pictures like that all.

These arrangements are awe inspiring.i am amazing to see the variety of pumpkins.that's nice

Wow you are are a real inspiration. These arrangements are awe inspiring.

Very nice pumpkin flower bouquet
very nice
I am thinking to do that for halloween - that would so ruin the whole scary mood lol

It is amazing to see the variety of pumpkins and gourds available in the last few years, so striking.

I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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nice! i'm gonna make my own journal

Run back to the shop and buy a couple more silvery green pumpkins because they make the most delicious and velvety pumpkin pies you can imagine! I am serious. A friend and I went on a roadtrip one year in October and stopped at this amazing organic road stand in Keromeos that's my favorite stop through the okanogan wine tour... not many people go the keremeos way because there is a new highway now but my parents used to take us through there every year and I still stop at this same farm stand. We loaded up the trunk of her old Polara with about a dozen different kinds of pumpkins and a zillion heirloom veggies and squashes. Her man is a chef and we thought we would invite friends over to have a pumpkin carving party while he cooked us a feast. We had the most amazing Jack O Lantern collection that just covered the front stairs, and he made these pies that were so heavenly we actually considered driving back up to get more of these pumpkins (six hours away). They were amazing. I now get my local grocer to bring in a few. I live on the other side of the okanogan now and perhaps they are easier to get over here. I don't know, but trust me... they would be worth the trip if I had to.

God, I bet you drive Martha crazy-happy with your flower arrangements. Lol!

This is just a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Eddie- I met you last weekend at Tina's wedding. you did a great job and I am so glad to know about your blog. Will be tuning it for your fabulous tips!

Eddie these are beautiful! I love everything you did here from the two arrangements themselves down to the seeds. We have a lot of white pumpkins here in RI this year for some reason and your arrangement with the white pumpkin is stunning - very classy.

absolutely gorgeous!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous...Thanks so much for this inspirational loveliness!

I love the fact that you are so inspiring and you are willing to share your ideas to make others lives more beautiful. When someone is as talented as you it is an obvious gift, so glad you are willing to share. I will be using Linen and cream and silver for my thanksgiving with my foliage in boxwood and dusty miller with white Kale , white pumpkins and some of the french blues that you are showing. I thought I would scatter nuts around the arrangement to add the natural color and texture. I am going to look for ivory handled knives. See how you have inspired me. I am so excited for the hunt. Thankyou,Kathysue

Beautiful arrangements, especially the orange pumpkin. I am always so impressed by the quality of your pictures - they truly look like they are out of magazines. Is it the camera, or do you use other photography props? Truly inspirational.

I sit down this evening and google blogs for fall floral arrangement to and wouldn't you know the Eddie Ross blog comes up...gawd I love that. Trying to get some inspiration for magazine photo shoot I'm styling on Tuesday. You always keep it fresh!

I want to see you at our party on the 25th. will you tell Hanns too if you speak with her? Love your blog. I have it as a favorite on my bookbar bar and check it right after my emails in the a.m. Sometimes before. XOXOX

show off

I passed a batch of orange pumpkins at the grocery store today and my girls started begging for the ones with tacky faces painted on them. You know, the primary colors plastered all across the front? I cringed. I can only hope the offspring will appreciate a lovely greenish gray series of pumpkins spruced with mums. To compensate, I'll increase their candy on Halloween.

Thanks so much for sharing your delicously elegant loveliness.

i love the color inside the silvery pumpkin and the arrangements are simply beautiful.

bought a dresser this weekend at an estate sale that I was working- can't wait to put a coat of paint on it and hope it comes out half as beautiful as your secretary- Got my fingers crossed that you have a great win this week- Beautiful arrangements

I'm having one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. Simple and beautiful. Perfect for fall. And perfect for some weddings I'm sure!

La La LOVELY!! Eddie, you make the simplest things come out so superb! I am going to do this for the tea party I am planning for my Mom's birthday....If the arrangements come out okay... i will post on my blog..

I was thinking maybe mini pumpkins down the center of the table with small bunches of mums..and then each guest can take one home..

Differently colored pumpkins are my favorite. I love the white ones with holes drilled and white Christmas lights poked through from the inside.

Hi Eddie - these are great. I just went pumpkin shopping too in Rhode Island. I also made a terrarium this weekend!! Thanks for all your inspiration Eddie. You create the most fabulous things.

Simple but elegant....I love it!

Such beautiful arrangements! A great post once again.

Beautiful! It is amazing to see the variety of pumpkins and gourds available in the last few years, so striking. Great job!

what a great idea - and one i can honestly say i would not have thought of. they booth look great. i can't wait to try this.

Thanks for the wonderful ideas and inspiration. I found a gray/blue pumpkin that had been etched when it was growing with the word "Autumn" in a beautiful font. Now that it is fully grown the letters are spread across the front of the pumpkin...the letters grew along with the pumpkin (kind of like scar tissue). It looks very pretty on a pedestal with other pumpkins and gourds around it.

I love buying pumpkins at the Farmers Markets. I made an arrangement last year but did'nt put a container inside...WHOOPS!! Learned a lesson there. I love your arrangements. You are so talented and make it look and sound so easy.

I was at the Farmers' Market this morning and was awed by all the amazing colours and shapes of the gourds and pumpkins. I love the grey/purple arrangement. Very sophisticated.

I love both arrangements equally. And the trail mix idea is great. I'll try that and see what the kids think. Thanks!

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