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February 05, 2010


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thanks for the helpful tips! It's very informative.

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Your blog is an amazing, endless source of inspiration. After a month of nearly non-stop snow, I find myself reaching for bright colors too, and thinking of spring. I was fantasizing about a tea party, but this post has sparked more ideas!

OK, this blog is going to be my new guilty pleasure once the 3 kids are in bed. LOVE HB, have all the issues, don't know why I didn't know you had a blog. The painted secretary idea is just what I need for the new kitchen I'm putting in this summer in our 1799 Federal. Right now I'm really into pale gray with a dark wood floor, white trim, and a fantastic punch of color somewhere, like a yummy Hermes orange painted table next to a belgian linen couch with avocado and blue pillows. Something like that.

...sigh...I loved that Cottage Living room you did.
Gorgeous post on color- you have me wishing for Spring!

Absolutly love the coral/sunny yellow combination. But, are you o.k. were you in some sort of accodent this weekend? Where are the winners from the giveaway??? All in fun!

These are great ideas. I want to freshen the inside of my closet and like the idea of color on the closet side of the door. I've considered something similar for the kitchen - painting flowers on the inside of the doors because my husband's reaction to painting them on the outside of the doors was less than warm. Great post.

I am inspired by the painted hutch. I have a round oak table from 1865 (still on its little rollers) and I just have not had the guts to paint it. But I am inspired to do this. Again, you always inspire me.

I am loving those tropical colors right now. This is the perfect time of year to bring in something that reminds me of the summer...it is just so wintery around here. The turquoise in the chair was so unexpected and the painted secretaries changed their vintage/antique feel completely.
♥, Susan

Great inspiration, as always! Love gray, yellow and red right now, lot's of blue with white and silver, all above sprinkled with some elegant black.
Pink and orange for a bit of spring infusion...
Love to see you!

XX Victoria

Oh how I love the color combinations. You have such a great eye for making things work. I am not so much a color on the wall person....I love whites and grays, but I do love to add color in the form of a throw, or in my furniture. Right now my color is in the our kitchen as my walls are a deep blue and accented with red and yellow. Those colors just make me smile as they are so cheery.

Hope you enjoyed the home show...and thank you for the help last week. Hopefully it'll all be pulled together in just a couple of days!


Eddie, I am so inspired by your blog, Thanks for showing us that creativity is not something that costs a ton of money. I love my local Goodwill all thanks to you!!!!

Eddie you are so creative. I love the chairs

I think I have a secret "orange crush". The colour has so many faces...persimmon or rust, reddy-yellows. Yum...love that image from Living.

Congrats on your win a Bloomingdales!!

I've always favored neutral colors but have begun to break out of my safe zone and expand my color palette. Lately, I have been inspired by Suzanne Kasler's book where she featured a dining room with pink accents. And there was another dining room with, I believe, Farrow & Ball's Orangery. I LOVE it.

And I love all the colors you featured in this post. Very inspiring.

Count me as another who loved this post! Maybe its just the thought of upcoming spring colors, whatever, it made me want to CHANGE THINGS AROUND HERE.

I love muted tones....
Not so much into color other than for accent!!!
I do love other peoples homes that use color!
I love linen color,greys,browns,beige,or all white... every thing....
Funny, I love to wear color...if you look around most people wear, black, brown, greg and that's about it... So, I live more in muted tones and wear color....

Can you give me any colors to try in decorating if you know I love muted colors???


I'm not sure how I missed the article in HB, but I love the scarf idea. Beyond creative!

I LOVE that wallpapered closet and it has been the to do list of mine for some time. Thanks for all the inspiration.

I love all things in coral and orange tones, but my furnishings have evolved around wheat yellow with browns and burgundy, It is all pretty, but I long for ORANGE. Maybe in my next life! Loved your post with all the possibilities you presented.

What great inspiration! I've always loved that citrus shot too. Keep trying to get the courage to paint ny guestroom wallls turquoise--or maybe tangerine!! Is turquoise too trendy???

Speaking of going through old magazines by the fire, lately I've been revisiting all my old House Beautiful mags and have been enjoying your columns all over again.
This is such a gorgeous post!

Hi Eddie!

I have been gravitating towards turquoise & lime green lately. Definitely cheerful colors! Maybe I'll see you at the Garden State Home Show if we don't get snowed in! ~Tracy

He's baaaaack!! This is the Eddie I fell in love with. This is a wonderful and inspiring post. I just love the way you take a color and describe a whole room. You paint pictures with words. I want more!!! You are so inspiring and you make me want to freshen things up around the house. Color combinations I am loving right now are pretty much what I always love but I am like Kelly green punches. They won't work in my home but would love to be able to use some with black and white or turqouise and white. OOOOH! that would be pretty. xoxo Kathysue

You have a way with color!

Eddie, those shield back chairs are fabulous! What a great eye you have! Have fun this weekend and I'm sure you'll make many fans happy!

That peony pink room is perfection!

i am working on adding color to our new apartment which was white white white. we just painted our kitchen a lipsticky shade of red (more raspberry than brick, though) and here are some pictures.


would love your thoughts!

I move around in my favorite color palettes. from the full range of Blues to the hot pink, oranges, and rads! Great examples, something appealing to everyone.

My Dear Eddie + Jaithan - I was going to comment on the spectacular zinnias, but then I saw the wallpapered closet and then the chairs and those scarves repurposed as pillows...and Oh My! I love it all. I am sitting here in Atlanta with the rain beating on the roof and this was just the punch of spring to inspire me until the weather gets warm. You all are a treasure to me! xoxo, Patti

now that was a blog post.

Thanks for this fun compilation... so many good ideas! I'll be back later to study up and visit all the links. Happy Friday!

Loving it!!

I adore all things citrus! I've been slowly working some orange into my house that's primarily done with robin's egg blue, creams, and navy.

love this post- I'm needing to breath some (colorful!) life into my stuffy "winter" rooms!

Awesome post! So inspirational and it's true, you can find it anywhere. I love it!

I used to loathe yellow...until I started pairing it with colors other than blue. Lately, I find myself drawn over and over to tan and gray. The look of my Golden Retriever against my favorite gray sweater. A man wearing a camel coat with a gray flannel scarf...ahhh!

Totally informative post - and such eye candy. That wallpapered closet shot is one of my all time favorites for some reason! This has me inspired to hit the flea markets!

The chair transformation is incredible! Funny how we can so easily envision color in a warm climate interior,(the Florida house), but in truth its the northern cold climes that could really benefit from the emotional lift color provides, (certainly during this time of the year).

Thanks for the color inspiration! Those citrus colors just grabbed me out of my early-morning huge-snowstorm-on-the-way stupor! Looking forward to seeing you at the Richmond garden show.

Love it all...but particularly love the cheery room and the secretary. With 2 feet of snow headed our way....this cheerful and colorful post was just what the DR ordered!

I love this post Eddie. I am someone who feels more comfortable decorating in soft neutral colours. However, as I have three daughters, I have had to come out of my cofort zone as they all like strong colour and have 100% free range to choose their bedroom colours. I still would personally decorate with more neutral colours, but have learnt to love the green and pink combination of one of their rooms. We are now decorating our 14 yr old's bedroom in white, with accents of Tiffany blue (love your shield back chairs) and tiny pops of raspberry red. Thanks for some lovely inspiration Eddie. Have a great day - Tina x

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